Adventure Ultra Cyclist
Christian Orry

The big question

What if you were a racer at heart and adventurous by nature? What if you now and again decided to leave the safety of everyday life and forgot your self-imposed limits to test what you were truly capable of? Would you take on the toughest races on the planet? Would you leave the routines and seek adventures in the wild and jaw dropping nature near and far? Would you? Ye

Coming up

Next race

The Rift

July 23, 2022

200 km in 7-8 hours on Gravel bike

Adventure in the

North Challenge remake

June 4, 2022

660 km in 30 hours on gravel bike

Racer at heart

Badlands, Iberica Traversa, Styrkeprøven, Race Around Iceland, Panceltic Race, Dirty Jutland, Race Around Denmark.

I love racing. And I love longer, tougher races. The physical and mental side of it. You can’t win on one of them alone. That’s what I train for. Those are my goals.

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Make training an adventure

When training for long endurance, why not go explore?

I’m training using the polarized training method, which means that 80% of my training is done at lower intensity to prepare my body for long endurance. At that intensity I’m able to focus on the surroundings in which I train. Enjoy the landscape, feel the rain, think. So I decided that in order to push myself I would take on adventures and go bike-packing, off the beaten track or just plain go and explore the roads less travelled. It’s a win-win: Training and exploring at the same time. I do it year round.

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